Joel Streeter


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Joel Streeter
from the album: Matador (2010)


Joel Streeter: Acoustic Guitar
Max Delaney: Electric Guitar
Jerry Becker: Bass, Piano
Matt Henry Cunitz: Synths
Jim Bogios: Drums



In the morning when I saw your face there,

it was like it had been there all along.

And when you blinked your eyes it was like a paradise of

all the mornings yet to come.

Molly, your photography is all I see.

Come to me, you know that I love you.

But in the evening when you flew away from me

it was like you had before.

And now your smile's aflame, but it hides behind the frame of

your picture by my door.

Molly, the evening passes by, the morning seems so shy for you and me.