From the recording Permanent Release

Joel Streeter: Acoustic Guitars Jerry Becker: Bass, Electric Guitars, Piano, Moog Synth Eric Kurtzrock: Drums


Always hits you in a moment; staring out in a solitary gaze.
It gets you down and loses the amusement
when you find there's no purple in your haze. That's just a story
of a glamorous confusion; a universe that falls on you like rain;
a lucky curse of endless situations playing out in circles in your brain.
That's just a story.
So pull me up and I'll tell you now, there's a feeling we can't ease.
It comes and goes in my like the air we breathe. It's a permanent release.
And you know it's an illusion; the reflection that lingers in the wine
of a face lost in salutations with a smile that's fading over time.
That's just a story.
They tell you once but you will find it out in a glimpse of clarity
that comes and goes in me like the air we breathe.
It's a permanent release growing deep inside of me.